Meet Our Team

Your smile is the window to your personality, and personality is key to a great orthodontic experience. At Sparks Family Orthodontics, our team is committed to giving you the best there is to offer.

There is a reason S.M.I.L.E. is the office motto:
  • Superfun! If you get through braces and all you have had is straight teeth, then we have failed you. We want to teach you, become your friend, and make sure you have the best experience for the time, money, and effort you have spent in our office.
  • Make you feel good! There is no better way to make someone feel loved than to treat them like family.
  • Integrity, honesty and mutual trust are what we believe!
  • Laugh a lot!
  • Excel in all ways!


Both Dr. Sparks and his team maximize continuing education to provide state-of-the-art treatment and exceptional skill. Each staff member has completed the West Virginia Orthodontic Assistants exam and Dr. Sparks is a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics.

Dr. Sparks

While acknowledging that he works hard and always does his best, Dr. Sparks readily admits he is surrounded by amazing, staff, and patients that make Sparks Family Orthodontics what it is. Dr. S is a very traditional family man but he also loves to have a good time. Outside of work, you will often find him swimming in the pool with one of his four kiddos or teaching future orthodontists at West Virginia University and Medical College of South Carolina. One of his favorite past-times is people-watching on the coast of any beach. He's got the best job in the world and is surrounded by the best people. Period!


This girl is one of the nicest people you will ever meet but wouldn’t think twice to topple you in an arm-wrestling competition. Let's just say she is a tom-girl at heart. She’ll be the first face you see when you walk into Sparks Family Orthodontics and the one who will help you with all things related to scheduling appointments. Nicole has been in orthodontics for nearly 10 years. She often states her favorite parts of her job revolve around the people she spends her day with – her office family and patients. You will love her!

Nicole loves spending time with her hubby, Josh, and bonus kid, Cale. Outside the office, she is usually doing what tom-girls do best - fishing, camping and being the outdoor rough and tumblin' girl everyone loves!


Jody is chock-full of character and a one-of-a-kind personality. She’s a down to earth gal that likes good ol’ gospel songs and a nice slice of cornbread. Jody holds the privilege of being the only person at Sparks Family Orthodontics to be able to perform most any and all duties - mainly because she has worked in nearly every area in our office at some point in her tenure. In fact, Jody has been a part of our team for over 20 years. Currently, she works with patients and parents to help them understand the process involved with treatment, helps process all insurance claims, and is our liaison to software and IT companies. With so much on her plate at work, it’s amazing that she is able to make the time to stop and chat with patients. She loves seeing the results of the work we do, especially with our surgical patients, since she was one, too! We love her and know you will too!

Outside work, Jody is a true family gal. There is no doubt she loves her husband, kiddos, and grand kiddos because she pretty much does nothing without them. Full of personality and zing - that's our Jody!


"W"..."V"..."U"...can you hear the chant in your head. If not, meet Adam and he will teach it to you. A true Mountaineer fan literally bleeding blue and gold no matter the sport. At Sparks Family Orthodontics, Adam will help you with all your financial and insurance needs. In 2014, we finally convinced him to join our team! He brings with him an extensive financial background from years working in the banking industry. It comes in handy when explaining patients’ financial options and commitments. Adam often states he loves working in an office that places the needs of patients first and provides the best possible customer service for each individual.

Outside work, Adam spends most of his time with his wife, bonus kids, and his newest son, Oliver, doing what you would expect – draggin’ them all to a Mountaineer game or somewhere to watch one. If he's not doing that, he's coaching his kids in some sport in preparation to become a mountaineer!


Tina has two great loves in life beyond family and friends– country music and food. This down- home country girl is one you will absolutely love! Tina has been working in the field of orthodontics for nearly 25 years and has been with our office since 1995. She has worked as an orthodontic assistant and currently serves as our treatment coordinator; Tina’s goal is to make everyone’s orthodontic experience stress-free and enjoyable. She often states her favorite part of her job is seeing the confidence that having an awesome smile brings to our patients.

Tina adores babies and her family; so when she is not in the office she usually is with one of her two kiddos or husband 4-wheelin on the Hatfield and McCoy Trail or dreaming about dippin' her toes in the sand!


Courtney is the only girl (who isn’t 5 years old) you’ll ever meet that will literally skip as her primary mode of transportation. When she’s in a REALLY good mood, this quickly evolves into a gallop which can be dangerous. Courtney has been our retainer and all things lab related expert around here since 2018. But don’t let that fool you, she has been in orthodontics for over 10 years. Courtney often states she loves working with our team and considers us to be the best orthodontic office around! Her favorite part about her job is seeing the transformed smiles at the end of a patient’s treatment.

Outside of work, Courtney is a pastor’s wife to her amazing husband Robbie and mother to six wonderful children. When not making retainers for every patient in the office, Courtney does what a pastor’s wife does best – churchin’ and singin’ to anyone who will listen!


Morganne has been a member of the Sparks Family Orthodontics Team since 2015 but has more than 10 years of experience in the orthodontic field as a clinical assistant. When Morganne’s not coaching people through beach body workouts, she spends her time road-trippin' with her husband, Chad, to watch her daughter and six of her bonus kiddos play one of many sports related activities. She has a contagious personality that will take no time to infect the entire room. Her amazing clinical skills and knowledge of orthodontics makes her a favorite of many patients and parents.

Outside the office, Morganne literally has no time for anything other than her kiddos. Remember, I said seven of them!


If you are looking up from the dental chair while someone is working on your teeth and see an emoji-like smile that at times, looks exactly like a beautiful Disney princess, then you have met our Laney! Her amazing clinical skills and knowledge of orthodontics makes her a favorite of many patients and parents. As such, Dr. Sparks has forbid her to ever leave. Laney has been a part of our amazing team since 2017 but has over 5 years of clinical experience. Laney often states the one thing she loves most about our office is that when you walk through the door, you’re welcomed by family. There is no doubt that you will love this girl!

Laney is a new mother to baby girl Madison so when she’s not in the office, she does what all new mothers – bats her eyes, blows kisses, and blushes all over her daughter, her hubby, Colbie, and her two Labrador fur-babies, Ellie and Rusty.


Andrea’s always laughing uncontrollably which - for most people - is a good sign, but for her, we’re never sure. Whether you try out your funny joke about a one-legged Llama or tell her that your Aunt Jackie fell down the stairs and broke her hip, the exact same high-pitched-machine-gun-like snicker will trickle from her mouth. Her laugh is infectious and everyone loves her! Although Andrea is the newest member to the Sparks Family Orthodontics Team, that does not mean she is inexperienced. She has been in orthodontics for over 15 years! Andrea loves seeing patients smile and the confidence that comes from having that beautiful smile. She often states she is very thankful to be working with such a warm and welcoming team!

When not laughing uncontrollably, Andrea spends most of her time with her husband and three kiddos. Basically, if you are looking for Andrea and she’s not at home, she’s watching one of her kids at a ball game, running her kiddos to ball game, or if she’s lucky enough, just lying on a beach somewhere!

frame Mandy Mandy Funny


Mandy is everyone’s dream vacation partner – a go with the flow, always up for a new adventure, fly by the seat of your pants kind of girl. She has been in orthodontics for nearly 15 years but recently became a member of the Sparks Family Orthodontics team. She loves to have fun at work and is always laughing and joking around with patients! Mandy’s favorite aspect of her job is that she has a positive, lasting influence on a person’s life, and loves being a part of creating an incredible, life-changing smile!

Outside the office, you can expect to see Mandy with her fiancé, Brian road trippin’, camping, or going to home to VA to visit family.


If you ever come in the office and notice a series of darling, seasonal decorations, ample yet tasteful design elements, or notice that Dr. Sparks is dressed remotely fashionable, then you’ve seen Jade’s handiwork. Dr. Sparks gushes about his amazing wife’s talents and sweetness and loves her more than life itself. He constantly wonders when she’s going to realize she accidentally married him and had his babies. In the office, Jade is a multi-talented member of the team, wearing many hats with knowledge galore! Her career began in secondary education but always says her “heart is in orthodontics and absolutely love(s) it.”

Outside of work, Jade loves spending time with Dr. S and her four kiddos. She is definitely a summer girl and loves her flops. So give her sunshine and a hot day and you have one happy lady!